Papers and Chapters

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Frameworks and Guides

Damtew Assefa, E., and Hoffecker, E. (2022). A Framework and Tools for Assessing Local Innovation Capacity: Guide for Implementers. Cambridge: MIT Local Innovation Group.

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Essays, Opinions, and Blogs

Hoffecker, E. (2018). Why Cultivating Your Innovation Ecosystem is Worth the Work. Stanford Social Innovation Review, Palo Alto: Stanford University.

Hoffecker, E. (2017). Rethinking how innovation creates development impact. MIT D-Lab Blog, Cambridge: MIT.

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Teaching Resources

Lean Research Skills for Conducting Interviews, an online Edx and MITx course
A 12-week, freely accessible online course that teaches how to incorporate the lean research principles of rigor, relevance, respect and right-size into the art of conducting conversational interviews in settings where power dynamics may be in play.

The Surprising World of Complex Systems, an online MIT Blossoms lesson
A freely-accessible, 60-minute lesson that introduces basic concept of complex systems and systems dynamics at the High School or Junior High levels. This lesson is designed to be implemented by an in-person teacher and comes with a teacher’s guide and detailed implementation instructions.

Inclusive Innovation: the why and the how, a webinar delivered with MIT Professional Education
A free, 60-minute introduction to the emerging field of inclusive innovation, drawn from research and practice of the Local Innovation Group, MIT D-Lab, and collaborators around the world.