Group Members

Elizabeth Hoffecker

Research Scientist and Group Lead

Elizabeth leads the Local Innovation group and serves as PI on the group’s portfolio of research projectsread more

Elias Damtew Assefa

Postdoctoral Associate

Elias is developing evaluation tools to assess changes in local innovation capacity read more

Romita Mitra

Research Scientist

Romita is managing a complexity-aware evaluation of agricultural innovation initiatives in Biharread more

Francisco Ramos

Research Affiliate

Francisco is contributing to the analysis of innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems as part of the ASPIRE more

Group Alumni

Eunhae Lee, Graduate RA

Ahalya Ramgopal, RA

A headshot showing the face of Shantha Venugopal

Shantha Venugopal, RA

Alumni not pictured: Nah-yoon Shin, Asresh Guttikonda, Mehreen Jatoi, Jamil Dellawar, Josh Talbot, Brandon Benson, Jesse Press-Williams, Grace Connors