Eunhae Lee

Graduate Research Assistant 

Eunhae is a graduate research assistant with the Local Innovation Group where she is supporting the design of an evaluation methodology for assessing changes in local innovation capacity. She is also supporting the inclusive systems innovation project by researching case studies on locally led, system-level, inclusive innovation in Latin America. 

Eunhae is currently pursuing her Master’s in Engineering Management in the Integrated Design and Management (IDM) program at MIT, where she is learning to apply human-centered design principles to researching, designing, testing and deploying products and services. At MIT, she is further exploring her interests in applying technology and human-centered design to build products and services that make the society more inclusive and sustainable.  

Before graduate school, Eunhae has worked on the frontlines of social impact startups in Korea, the U.S. and Latin America, where she helped companies grow by directing strategy, design and marketing of products that empower customers and stakeholders. Eunhae holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College.